Not doing ok

To be honest I thought with the changing of the date from December 31st 2020 to January 1st would immediately make everything better, no more worrying about life, no more COVID. Things should have got better.

To date things should have been getting better. I have a great partner, I have a pet that is my world. I have been able to get what I want or need. I’m working, I have a small but nice social life.

I’m still taking my medication, I get cuddles form kitty. My partner is amazing. I serious want to know what is wrong with me.


Wondering what the world is like

I sometimes wonder what the world would be like for someone that doesn’t have issues, or a condition, or something that could just not be what is called “Normal” As someone who is transgender I find that every day something is either debating my existence, having issues with me being able to exist or even havingĀ  go directly. It makes me wonder how people with viable scars or an impediment get treated.